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Is It Time for an Electrical Inspection?

Have you been having problems with your home’s electrical system? Flickering lights or strange smells and noises from any electrical component smells may indicate the need for an inspection. Read on to learn more from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a residential electrical service in Ellicott City.

Reasons You May Need an Inspection

  • Have your lights been flickering? When this happens repeatedly, appliances on similar circuits are most likely having problems. You need to have a professional electrician inspect the circuits and take the necessary steps to correct the problem.
  • Are there strange smells coming from your outlets, switches, breaker box, or appliances? The smell could be from open wires, burnt insulation, a short circuit, or other problem. These issues can result in an electrical fire. Occasionally an appliance will give off a slight smell when new, but it shouldn’t last long. If it does, then you need to have it looked at immediately.
  • If any of your wall switches and sockets are hot to the touch, then you may need an inspection. A little bit of heat is okay, but if it increases over time, contact an electrician to check them out. If the heat varies by usage, it also needs to be inspected.
  • If your breakers keep tripping, you probably have a bad connection to an appliance somewhere. Circuit breakers are meant to prevent your appliances from being damaged by a possible power surge. Constantly tripping breakers is a sign you need to have your electrical system inspected and repaired.

Residential Electrical Service in Ellicott City

If you experience any warning signs that your electrical system is malfunctioning, hire a professional, licensed electrician for an inspection of your system. This is imperative. By hiring a professional, not only will the electrician be able to do the inspection, but also, he will be able to repair the problem(s). If you need residential electrical service in Ellicott City, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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