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Electrical Inspection Should be Scheduled for Safety

A building’s electrical system can potentially be out of date, damaged due to exposure to the elements, or wired improperly. For business owners, regular electrical inspection is essential in order to maintain a safe environment. Beyond checking outlets and lighting fixtures, an expert electrical inspection will ensure that all of your systems have been properly installed and are in good working condition.

How Soon Do You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Most business owners are aware that they will need to have their electrical systems inspected. However, they may not know how often these inspections should be scheduled. A professional inspection is recommended every 3 to 5 years, with outlets being tested at least twice a year.

Building owners should also be aware of the following factors:

Age of the establishment. Older buildings typically have old electrical systems that may not be able to support modern appliances and electronics. Look out for signs of faulty wiring or overloaded wires. If your circuit breakers keep tripping and the fuses have blown out, then you may need an inspection as soon as possible. Continuing on with outdated wiring can put you at risk for electrical fires and other huge safety concerns.

After a major thunderstorm. Storm damage and flooding can severely impact the electricity in a building, doing more damage than simply knocking out the power. Baltimore is an area prone to strong storms and flooding. If your business loses power during a storm, then the power company will need to reconnect it. If your property was flooded and outlets, wiring, or switchboards were exposed to water, then a licensed electrician should check the premises as soon as the water subsides. It is absolutely unsafe to allow any non-professionals to enter the building if there is a chance of any exposed wiring (particularly if they’ve been exposed to water).

Regular Maintenance

Keep up regular electrical maintenance; there is no excuse for laziness or procrastination when it comes to safety. If you are looking for a commercial or residential electrician in Baltimore County, Maryland then chose Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service. Contact us to schedule your next electrical inspection. You’ve heard the saying: a good offense is the best defense. It applies to electrical systems, too. We provide comprehensive testing to keep your business powered safely from circuits to switches.

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