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Outdoor Halloween Lighting

With the right lighting effects, any yard can look creepy and spooky this Halloween. With energy saving LED light options, you don’t have to break the bank to scare trick-or-treaters this year. Here are some tips to create scary decor with outdoor Halloween lighting.

Halloween Lighting Design Ideas for Your Home

Create Shadows
By placing your lights low to the ground, angled slightly upward, it cause anyone who passes in front of the light to cast elongated, misshapen shadows. You can also create fixed effects by partially covering the lens, or by placing cutouts in front of the light. Using floodlights with CFL (compact fluorescent lights) only costs about $10, and will last for about 30 Halloweens!

Choose your colors carefully
Although black lights are fun, and a Halloween lighting classic, consider dark blue for a spookier scene. You can install a dark blue light in your porch lighting fixture, or have dark blue spotlights for a creepy, mystical effect. If you have a graveyard display, use the dark blue lighting. It’s perfect for a cool, breezy evening. Using smaller floodlights with red or green bulbs, pointed at specific things like a gravestone or gargoyle, will highlight some of the creepier denizens of your yard.

You shouldn’t use real fire, in the name of safety, but flame lighting can be almost as frightening. Flickering orange light makes nearby shadows that move and dance. Using electric or battery-operated candles inside carved pumpkins is a classically creepy sight, and electric candles are much safer than live flames.

Strobe Lights…
… aren’t just for a disco or roller rink anymore! Used with restraint, these can suggest motion or create a sense of confusion. Instead of setting them on the regular flashing setting (remember, you’re going to be looking at these all night), use the lower, slower setting for random flashes that won’t disorient.

It may not be lighting, exactly, but it is spooky. Bonus if you’re able to create images of spirits lurking around with your strobe lights. Or, consider having creepy eyes staring out at you from the mist. Track lighting in the ground will give cool effects with a fog machine. Red lights may look like blood, and green colors can make your fog look like a radioactive cloud. The possibilities are endless!

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