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Childproofing Outlets for Maximum Safety

No matter how much you try to avoid it, electrical products are a major part of your daily lives. You find them everywhere in all rooms of your home. These include extensions, phone chargers, computer cables and power outlets just to mention a few. Unfortunately, the ways these electrical products are designed poses a threat to your children. You will need to think about childproofing outlets to keep the kids safe.

Tips on Childproofing Your Electrical Outlets

One thing about electrical outlets is that they tend to attract babies like moths are drawn to a flame. The dangers of being stuck into the outlets are severe as they could lead to injuries or even death due to burns and electrocution.

Electrical outlets are mostly located about 12 inches from the ground. This is not high enough and tends to attract the attention of your little explorer. Babies are not only curious but also they like to imitate. They will love to try doing what they saw you do. For example, once they see you plug something into an electrical outlet they will try doing it. For these reasons, it is wise to keep them safe from electricity to avoid them from being shocked.

There are the occupied and empty electrical outlets both of which need to be proofed. Some of the ways of childproofing outlets include:

Empty Outlets

For the outlets that have nothing plugged in, you can:

  • Use electrical caps

This is the cheapest and easiest option. The electrical caps are made of plastic which you can just plug into the unoccupied outlet. The front is a non-grippy plastic and this way, your baby cannot pull them out. However, you need to keep unplugging them anytime you need to use the outlet.

  • Sliding plate covers

The option is a bit expensive but safer. They are made of a spring-loaded plastic which slides over the outlet, and this makes it impossible for the kids to stick any small objects in it. The effect of sliding plate covers is almost similar to those of outlet caps, but the sliding plates work automatically.

Occupied outlets

The most effective method to protect your child from such outlets is blocking them. You can block the access with furniture thus hiding them from the kid’s sight. What the babies do not see cannot possibly hurt them, and that is why it is effective.

Following the above childproofing outlets tips and more will help protect your children from accidents. To choose the best commercial electrical contractor for your property and to know you’re getting a licensed professional, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things,¬†for your home or business.

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