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Clean Electronics Safely with These Tips

Did you know some electronics are dirtier than the toilet seat? Gadgets accumulate dust, grease, bacteria, and more. According to a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene, which involved testing random phones, 92% of them were carrying disease-causing bacteria. With that in mind, let us look at the best ways to clean electronics.

How to Clean Electronics

Some generic instructions include:

  • Always disconnect the electronics from the power before cleaning them.
  • When using a cleaning solution never spray the gadget directly.
  • Use a light touch when cleaning the equipment.
  • Do not use rough material when cleaning screens it might leave scratches.

For information on more specific devices, please see ways to clean screens, keyboards, cameras, and phones, please read the following:


Screens range from television screens to monitors, and they are dust magnets which are often accompanied by oily fingerprints. Cleaning a screen should be done by wiping down gently using a microfiber cloth to dust the screen. If there are still marks on the screen, then dip the cloth in a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, squeeze all the water out, and wipe gently.


If your keyboard is just dusty, then you can clean it by using compressed air to remove the dust particles from the keys and using a damp cloth to remove oil or grease stains. If the keyboard is dirty, you might have to pop out the keyboards and clean the keys. An isopropyl alcohol solution is a good disinfectant to use.


This device requires a little more care compared to the rest. Cleaning the lens with a dirty cloth can degrade the lens coating and do damage by scratching. It is best to invest in non-abrasive lint free wipes to carefully and gently clean your lens.


Most phone manufacturers offer cleaning instructions, but for general care: first you start by removing cases and covers and then wipe with a barely damp microfiber cloth. Then, wipe any frequently touched areas with an alcohol wipe to disinfect the surface.

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