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Emergency Generator Advantages for Your Home

An emergency generator acts as an insurance policy. It is hard to tell when or if one will need it. The need for a generator will depend on your budget, the type of investment you have, one’s tolerance for power interruptions, and personal situations. However, having a generator installed is an excellent option especially for anyone who wants to have peace of mind in case of unexpected situations that will result in blackouts.

Do I Need an Emergency Generator?

Advantages of a backup generator include:

  • Helps homeowners maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies
  • Automatic delivery of power during emergencies
  • Homeowners then still have use of plumbing, devices, appliances, and more
  • Prevents waste of food, as it won’t spoil if it can still be kept cold
  • Ensures peace of mind to homeowners by keeping their home safe and well-lit.

What would cause a generator to kick in?

Reasons for outages can vary and affect the length of time it takes to restore the service to your home. Below are some common cases that will cause a generator to kick in:

Storms: Particularly thunderstorms with strong wind and rain.

Earthquakes: Quakes of any magnitudes can damage power lines and electrical facilities,  knocking out the power for entire neighborhoods and beyond.

Lightning: When lightning strikes poles and wires, transmission towers, electrical equipment, there is a high possibility of outages.

In cases of high power demand: During times of unusually high power demands, there is a possibility of outages because of the overburdened electric poles and electrical equipment can quickly melt and fail.

Vehicles: Depending on the extent of the collision, a vehicle colliding with a utility pole can cause an outage for those whose electricity depends on the functionality of that pole.

Considerations When Getting an Emergency Generator

There are various considerations you have to make when getting an emergency generator for your house and will range from the cost of the generator, manufacturer, sound levels, the size, ease of use and the warranty of the generator. If you’re in need of a backup generator in Baltimore, then contact the best electricians in the area for an installation.

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