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The Ongoing Value of Energy Efficiency

You’ve probably heard the term energy efficiency, and even considered ways in which to be energy-efficient. But do you fully grasp the concept? To set the record straight, read on and learn more about ways to reduce your energy consumption.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

To better understand the ongoing value of energy efficiency, it’s best to have a working knowledge of the term as it’s explained by the U.S. Department of Energy. By definition, a home, piece of machinery, process or person is energy efficient when it doesn’t create energy waste. Being mindful of conservation efforts allows residents and business owners to change the way they consume energy. Without intervention, lack of energy efficiency can wreak havoc on the planet, homes, and businesses rapidly.

Why is the Conservation of Energy Necessary?

Energy waste pollutes the air, accelerates climate change, causes commercial and residential energy bills to skyrocket, and negatively affects businesses who aren’t able to maintain a level of competitiveness because of increased operational costs. By encouraging consumer and business activism, less energy is wasted due to personal accountability. People take the steps necessary to change their consumption habits in their residences and workplaces.

Ways to Be More Energy-Efficient at Home and Work

Everyone can increase their personal level of energy efficiency at home and work by doing a few easy things. For starters, they can turn off lights in rooms or areas of a building that aren’t being used. They can invest in blackout shades that help naturally cool spaces without the use of air conditioning. Also, shutting down electronics before leaving a room helps make a difference, as does running appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines at certain hours of the day. Sharing what you learned about energy efficiency with others helps raise awareness and get more people involved with changing the way they use energy resources.

To learn more about energy-efficient practices to incorporate into your daily routine, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today. We provide 24/7 commercial and residential electrical service to Emmitsburg and the greater Baltimore area. To set up a time to have your current system inspected, contact us today.

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