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Reducing Energy Waste in Industrial Settings

Many businesses waste a ton of energy, sometimes without even realizing it. One study estimates that 30% of the energy that businesses use in the United States is actually wasted. And, of the 23 countries globally that use the most energy, America ranked eighth for efficiency (with Japan and China scoring higher). Wasted energy means higher overhead costs for businesses and lower profits. This doesn’t have to be the norm; reducing energy waste is achievable.

Is Your Business Wasting Energy?

When it comes to reducing energy waste in an industrial setting, the first step is to complete an energy audit. Businesses should compare their costs to nearby companies to see if their energy costs are higher than average. Additionally, owners should compare the energy costs of their businesses with similar businesses in the area. For example, coffee shops that are roughly the same size in the same location should have similar energy costs. If the comparison highlights higher costs than normal, steps should immediately be taken to reduce energy waste.

Tips for Reducing Energy Waste

EV Charging Stations. Any business that uses vehicles for their operations should consider installing an Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station. An electrical vehicle is significantly cheaper as owners aren’t required to purchase gas. Additionally, an electrical vehicle is eco-friendly and has a lower carbon footprint.
Efficient Lighting Plans. For many businesses, lights are left on all day for the entire property. This is incredibly inefficient, expensive, and wasteful. An experienced electrician can develop more efficient lighting plans that schedule blocks of time for the lights to be on. Or, installation of motion-sensor lighting will only turn lights on in rooms when they are occupied by people.
Energy Management Systems. If a business suspects that they’re still wasting energy, a professional electrician can develop an energy management system. An electrician will complete a professional audit of the commercial residence to identify energy waste and offer solutions. This is also possible for homes.

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For anyone looking for commercial or residential electrical service in Perry Hall, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is the top choice. Reducing energy waste is important for both businesses and homes. It reduces additional costs and minimizes people’s carbon footprint. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today for an estimate on any electrical service.

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