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Electrical Energy Audit in Baltimore County Performed by Pros

Want to drop your energy costs by up to thirty percent over the next year? Opt for an energy audit for your home to see where you can reduce your energy usage and improve its efficiency. Many homeowners are eager to trim costs where they can, and choosing a licensed electrician to conduct an electrical energy audit in Baltimore County means the audit will very quickly pay for itself.

What’s the Value of an Electrical Energy Audit in Baltimore County?

What is an electrical energy audit?

In a nutshell, an energy audit is an inspection and analysis of where a home’s energy use comes from. It’s designed to find ways that homeowners can reduce the amount of energy that they use without negatively affecting their comfort or the functionality of the devices and appliances in their home. It can also enhance indoor air quality, increase the comfort of the occupants of the home and improve the safety and health of those living in the house.

What is involved with an energy audit?

A professional electrician has certain tools that can determine where energy is seeping out of our home – small cracks, loosely-sealed windows and doors, and a poorly functioning HVAC system are generally the culprits. These can be fixed fairly easily and at a low cost to the homeowner. In addition to looking for leaks around the house, an auditor will inspect the appliances to determine their output and the effect that older ones have on your home’s energy bill.

The inspector will also check for condensation and drafts – these can indicate a leak in your wall or roof, and in the case of condensation in a room, might indicate a potential mold problem. They’ll also check your insulation, especially in the attic, as losing heat or cold air through an attic space can raise your energy costs substantially.

Choose a professional electrician for your energy audit

Although many homeowners are capable of doing self-inspection and replacing older appliances and changing light bulbs, there are many things that a licensed electrician can do, using leading edge technology, that most homeowners simply can’t. When you’re ready for a complete home electrical energy audit in Baltimore County, turn to Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service. We have the training and tools to help our Baltimore friends and neighbors improve the comfort of their homes while reducing their energy consumption.

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