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We Solve Your Home Electrical Problems

No matter the quality of the home’s electrical system, there comes a time where homeowners experience electrical issues. Most homeowners are able to handle the simple things like changing lightbulbs or changing circuit breakers. However, some home electrical problems require the expertise of a residential electrician in Baltimore County.

Common Home Electrical Problems

Today we use more electricity than ever. Chances are your electrical panel hasn’t kept up with your needs. When homeowners experience flickering lights, their first instinct is to check to see if there is a nearby storm. If there isn’t, they check the lightbulb, and then shrug it off as a normal occurrence. However, flickering lights might indicate a bad breaker, lack of grounding wires, or inadequate wattage.

Sometimes microwaves, hairdryers, or other high-wattage items trip a circuit breaker. If that happens, you may have overloaded circuits. Either use a lower setting or upgrade the breaker. Each electrical outlet can only handle a specific amount of electrical load before the breaker trips. To avoid overloading, don’t use extension cords for the long-term, or chain them together, and have enough outlets in your home to meet electrical needs.

In addition, outdated wiring can cause several issues for homeowners from shocks to electrocution or even electrical fires. The NEC updates electrical codes and standards every three years to keep up with changes in technology. A residential electrician in Baltimore County can keep your home up to date.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

If you’re experiencing home electrical problems, don’t wait until there’s a power surge or a serious fire. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a residential electrician in Baltimore County, to help you with your electrical needs. We can install additional outlets, rewire your home, or upgrade your breaker and more. Contact us today to protect you and your home and avoid common home electrical problems.

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