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Warm up with an Energy Audit

Have you been struggling with rising energy prices lately?  Do you know where your money is going, or where all that power is going?  It could benefit you and your household to consider an energy assessment, also known as  an energy audit, in order to answer some of these questions.

An Energy Audit to Help You Save

“An energy audit shows how a home uses energy, including where it’s being wasted, so homeowners can make targeted upgrades.”  This is a crucial first step toward learning more about your usage habits in order to lower costs and to save energy in an effort to be a greener home.  Some symptoms of the need for one of these assessments include owning a house that’s over half a century old, you spend a lot of money on heating supplies (such as firewood or oil), you notice drafts slipping in around doors and windows, the home is constantly chilly despite heating efforts, and your doors and/or windows rattle often.  These are a lot of check boxes to consider, but each could be an indication that you shouldn’t ignore.

As far as actually getting an energy audit done, there are a number of options.  The U.S. Department of Energy offers a kind of “do-it-yourself assessment”, so if you have your energy usage information available, you can determine what you may be doing well, or not so much.  There are also some non-profits which “offer free or low-cost energy audits, which usually consist of feeling for drafts, checking for rattling windows, and looking for visible signs of leaks, such as condensation on windows or loose ductwork.”

Finally, consider having a professional take a look at your home so that you can have your needs assessed quickly and addressed soon after.  It’s better to know for certain whether or not there is a major issue, or even if there isn’t, to have small fixes made before they can become larger (and more expensive) problems.  They can also give you advice as to how to cut costs and address potentially problematic areas, like weak sealing underneath of door frames, so that you can at least keep an eye on them.

If you’re interested in making your home warmer while helping to drop energy use, consider this assessment.  For more information on getting an energy audit to save money and electricity, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

Energy Audits – what are they and should you get one?

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