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Warm Outlet May Spell Trouble at Home

Have you ever encountered a warm outlet somewhere in your house? Not many people regularly hover around their plugs to see if they’ve gotten a little hotter. However, with the amount of electronics that are plugged in around the average home, it’s more likely a situation than you might think.

What Does a Warm Outlet Mean?

You can’t forget about or neglect safety in your home, particularly if you are a big believer in the modern, electrical world. Our devices are plugged in all the time, from coffee makers to TVs to computers and lamps. However, if you notice that the outlet in which they are plugged is somewhat warm to the touch, then there might be a problem for you to address. “To be clear, a warm outlet doesn’t mean you have an pending electrical failure or fire hazard.” It may be a symptom of problems that could lead to more dangerous situations down the road, but if you address it quickly and with a professional touch, you should be fine.

One such issue is… not exactly an issue at all. If the outlet is warm, then something that is currently plugged in may just be using power there. Simply remove the device or appliance from the outlet for the time being and see if the temperature changes. It’s also possible that you have too many things plugged in and that you should just remove some of them and relocate others.

If that isn’t it, then the problem might instead be “loose terminals or wiring inside an outlet,” internal issues that must be addressed by a professional electrician. Similarly, “broken infrastructure,” or broken pieces of the outlet that you can see from the outside, such as the switch plate, can and should be replaced.

Other ‘behind the scenes’ complications involve badly-wired circuits, which is a job too dangerous for amateurs. Finally, if you live in an older home, your electrical panel may be outdated and in desperate need of a modern bump.

All of these steps are possible reasons for a warm outlet, though some are more pressing than others. If you need a professional to take a look at your wiring, fuses, or any other piece of your electrical system, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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