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The Cause—and Fix—for Electrical System Failure

Are you experiencing electrical system failure? What causes these systems to fail, and what can be done about it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Signs of Electrical System Failure

Frequent Home Circuit Breaker Trips

It’s not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip or reset every once in a while. Circuit breakers are designed to shut itself off if they are overloaded. In this situation, you would switch the breaker back on, and continue with your day. However, if the circuit breaker is shutting itself off multiple times each month, there is probably an underlying issue with your home’s electrical system that needs to be addressed.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

Your home’s wiring needs a professional upgrade if your lights flicker when you turn them on or they dim when you plug in devices or appliances. These electrical issues can occur in your home without the circuit breaker tripping multiple times each month.

Chewed or Frayed Wiring

Rodents (or your pets) can cause frayed wiring. Frayed and chewed wiring can cause fires and increase your chances of becoming electrocuted. This type of wiring is a sign you need immediate help from an electrician to replace the wiring in your home.

Scorching and Discoloration

Scorching and discoloration of your home’s outlets occur because there is damaged wiring in your home that’s releasing heat, which can lead to fires and much worse consequences if left unchecked by a professional. You may also notice smoke in addition to scorch marks and discoloration of the outlets.

Fixes for Electrical System Failure

Do you have a GFCI circuit breaker in your home? These devices are often located in the kitchen, bathroom, and outside your home. These circuit breakers prevent harm from continuous electric shock. If you have one of these breakers, use the test and reset buttons to see if it corrects your power issue in a particular room.

Resetting the main circuit breaker in your home can get the power in your home up and running again. To reset the main circuit breaker, unplug all the devices and turn off the lights in the locations you are experiencing power loss or other issues with power in your home. Go to the circuit breaker panel with a flashlight to determine which switches are in the center position, meaning they are not switched on or off, but located in the middle of these options. Flip the switch off, then on. Wait a few moments to see if the switch remains in the “on” position. If the switch remains in the “on” position, you’re all set. Power has been restored to the rooms in your home. If the switch remains in the “off” position, there is a more serious electrical problem, and you need to contact an electrician.

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