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Save Energy and Water with Solar Panels

There’s no question that there is a water shortage in the world that will only worsen as time goes on.  For decades, we’ve heard about water-saving strategies in order to lessen the impact that humans are having on the supply as fresh water dwindles over the globe.  Fortunately, there are evolving strategies for sparing gallons of water that would otherwise be spent in excess to produce electricity and save energy.

PV Solar Helps to Produce Electricity and Save Energy

As with most energy-saving solutions, this plan involves solar power.  “Water crises pose the no. 1 risk for the planet over the next 10 years,” so new ideas have to come out in order to alleviate the damage that has already been caused by the historical wasting of water.  An example of a place in which this has been an issue is in California, which has been suffering under a hugely detrimental drought over the past few years.  There, they use “4.64 gallons of water per kilowatt-hour of electricity,” sapping their already-fragile resources in order to power the state.  In comparison, “Photovoltaic (PV) solar uses 0.03 gallons per kilowatt-hour.”

Obviously, there is an enormous difference, and it’s also important to keep in mind that not all solar panels and power sources are created equal (that is, they don’t all use such little water).  However, PV solar is able to save a lot of water, and though it isn’t a single solution to the worldwide water waste, it can be utilized as an excellent resource in times of drought.  Areas that employ the panels will be able to save not only water, but a lot of money that would otherwise have been drained for high energy costs.  The plan, as put forth by energy company SunEdison, will be able to produce a huge percent of energy while cutting down on the emissions that would offset that progress.

Though the solar panel count is still relatively lower in the U.S., the need is not shrinking, and neither will the numbers of panels.  Energy companies are working hard to generate an understanding of the urgency of alternative forms of power and to build the facilities in order to get the ball rolling.  The benefits are both monetary and, of course, environment-focused, so there are few to no reasons that green energy shouldn’t be employed to provide electricity.

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