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New Environmental Regulations Shine Through

With climate change raging more destruction on the resources that the human population is already depleting, some action must be taken in order to preserve the environment that remains so that sustainable energy can be found and utilized.  This month, the president is said to be revealing a number of laws and environmental regulations, including shutdowns of major plants and factories, in order to achieve these goals and leave a legacy that paves the way for more green endeavors.

Environmental Regulations Take out Carbon Pollutants

Starting Monday (allegedly), Obama is going to introduce environmental regulations “devised to sharply cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants and ultimately transform America’s electricity industry.”  This is a relief and necessity for a nation that uses an insane amount of electricity, utilizing non-renewable and harmful fuel sources to power devices and homes in a variety of ways for years and years.  Acting off of the basis provided in a few years back by the EPA, the president intends to combat factories and other industry powerhouses by closing their doors for good, all the while building more wind turbines and installing solar panels to garner energy in a much more efficient way that encourages green practices.

There have been calls for a change in widespread energy use practices for a while coming.  In our short time on Earth, humans have managed to use up an unsustainable amount of the planet’s resources.  Though greener ways of obtaining energy and environmental regulations have not become as widespread as they need to be, Obama has made it clear that the problem will be ignored no longer, saying “climate change is not a problem for another generation, not anymore.”  These laws intend to drop the output of emissions by about thirty percent by 2030; it’s a lofty goal and one that can only be attainable with the support and effort of the people who have the power to introduce the regulations and those who are meant to follow them.

Despite all the good that would come from the movement, the environmental regulations will almost definitely be met with opposition.  Companies that rely on these toxic plants to power their customers will be in trouble, particularly if they have not invested in more energy efficient methods.  States at large are also expected to file suit on the basis that their major profit is a result of the cheap coal and other local sources that the regulations are aiming to outlaw.  Their arguments revolve around projected increases in energy and electricity prices for the people within the state and the losses of jobs for those who work in the affected areas.

While some may see the environmental regulations as being meant to punish these big businesses, they are more geared toward redirecting the ways in which energy are created, encouraging companies to consider and develop clean practices.  The movement is described as Obama taking an “uncompromising position,” suggesting that this time, the government is serious about taking action before it is too late.


Obama to Unveil Tougher Environmental Plan With His Legacy in Mind

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