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Governmental Electricity Regulation Sparks Conflict

To no one’s surprise, people in government have found something new to fight over.  Supreme Court justices are clashing with the Obama administration over a governmental electricity regulation that means “to issue a regulation aimed at encouraging efficiency in the electricity market by having electrical grid operators pay users to reduce consumption at peak times.”  Some of the issues argued are over government power as it influences or control private companies and energy consumption and efficiency.

Power in Governmental Electricity Regulation Decisions

Though there is a heated debate raging between these groups over whether this is an overexertion of government power, the governmental electricity regulation remains in effect for as long as they fight.  Some of the goals that fell under the regulation’s purpose were to work toward “improving grid reliability, lowering costs and encouraging clean energy.”

These concepts are undoubtedly desired by all, but the methods that are meant to encourage these results are what are being argued.  One of the justices who is contending the law has said that “he was concerned about the federal government exercising too much authority over retail electricity markets, which are traditionally overseen by states.”  It begins to leak into the public versus private concern that has existed for a long time.  In this case, those opposed believe that if there is no contention, then the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission behind the effort will go unchecked.

There are never any easy solutions and, as happens fairly often, a compromise might be the right answer.  If FERC changed some of the law to be a little more flexible, there would likely be much less controversy around this issue and there could be less of a problem with this particular governmental electricity regulation, at least.

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U.S. justices question Obama administration electricity markets rule

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