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Electrical Panels Need Upkeep

How often do you think about the state or age of your electrical panels?  Likely, not very often.  The average homeowner has far too many other things to do than to wonder whether or not their fuse box is outdated, or even dangerous.  Luckily, now that you’ve been reminded about it, there are some easy ways to check and see for yourself, and if you discover an issue, you can then call in the experts.

The Dangers of Outdated Electrical Panels

It’s one thing to notice that your panel is actively unsafe, but how easy is it for you to know whether or not it’s old enough to cause similarly dangerous problems?  A search of brand names, appearance, and/or numbers, if any or all of the above are present, can reveal how long ago the panel was created, and potentially even installed.  Boards that are 20-30 years old are considered outdated, and certainly if they’re any older than that.  Modern electrical panels are able to “trip” much more quickly than their older counterparts, which can make a big difference in matters of electricity-related accidents, such as fires.

What are some visible signs of outdated electrical panels?  Some of the more obvious are “burn marks or signs of corrosion” which you would notice by opening the door and peering inside the box.  As with most other fire hazards, if anything is especially hot to the touch beyond simple, functional warmth, it’s another sign of problems.  Finally, strange sounds, such as rattling, or loose doors or hinges, are all issues for your breaker box.  When in doubt, call on a professional to make sure your home is safe; it may not mean that you will have to replace it, but it’s better to check so that you know for sure.

Remember that a “functional,” older box can be just as dangerous as having no breaker at all.  Electrical panels are meant to shut off the power when there is something like an overload, but outdated models may not be able to handle this job and may produce fire or shocks.  Make sure that you know all about your panel and check up on it every once in a while, particularly if you can’t remember the last time you did so.  If you have concerns about the state of things after looking over them, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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