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Electric Bikes for a Greener Ride

The phrase “electric bikes” sounds nonsensical: wouldn’t that just be a moped, or something similar?  In some ways it is, but the latest in electric vehicles has a lot more to offer than acting just as a copycat option.

Let Electric Bikes Speed Along Your Commute

Oregon is known for the prevalence of bikes and bikers within the state, but now it has more bike-related claims to fame.  It’s become one of the first states to begin to use “electric bikes,” which are basically exactly what they sound like.  These bikes have batteries which can be charged, giving the bike a number of different settings for riders depending on how much biking they actually want to do.

Apparently, this isn’t completely breakthrough news: in Portland, they already “have e-bike dealers, e-bike enthusiasts, and of course e-bike companies.”  Considering how little-known this innovation is, though, it’s worth mentioning how the bikes work and what kind of a difference it makes to run on battery power.  Firstly, it’s much more environmentally-friendly than cars, buses, and other vehicles, but it also reduces the physical effort by helping with some of the legwork.  If you like to bike to work but hate the sweating or facing big hills, this may be the tech that makes all the difference for you.

So, what are the details of these electric bikes and how they work?  Most have a few different options for functioning, so that the owner can use the bike as you would any other bicycle (by pedaling, completely manually).  Another choice is to pedal, but with some varying assistance from the battery to help power the trip more than you might be able to alone.  Finally, there’s the option of going fully-automated, powering the bike as one would a moped or other scooter at speeds up to 20mph.

One store that’s coming to Portland from California offers e-bikes that are “sold in 75 branded stores and 800 dealers in 40 countries.”  Clearly, business is booming in this field that will likely keeping growing as people become more and more focused on conserving energy and methods of greener transportation.

To save electricity while reducing your environment footprint, considering buying electric bikes for your commute.  For more information on innovations in electricity and electronics, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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