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Common Electrical FAQs

Do you have an electrical question? Are you searching for residential electrical service in Frederick? At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we provide answers to your electrical questions. Here are a few of our most asked questions.

Common Electrical FAQs and Answers

What is an AFCI? An arc-fault circuit interrupter, commonly referred to as an AFCI, stops the flow of energy when a surge or “arc,” happens, such as if you have a damaged wire or overloaded circuit. An AFCI uses a special technology that detects changes in electrical current. It especially protects rooms like your bedroom.

What is a GFCI? GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter, and this device stops energy when it goes off its intended course on the circuit. Let’s say you’re using an appliance, and it malfunctions and shocks you. A GFCI will stop the electricity flow. These are necessary around water, so our electrician installs them in your kitchen or bathroom.

Is my electrical panel safe? Various factors affect whether your electric panel is safe, and it’s hard to summarize them in an electrical FAQs piece. Contact our electrical service for a thorough inspection to know for certain if your panel’s safe.

How many amps does my house need? On average, you only need 150 amps. However, the specific amount for your home depends on the appliances you have and their size. Older gas appliances may only require 100 amps, while newer, high-tech devices may need 200 amps or more. If you’re unsure, our electrician can help you calculate.

What is causing my lights to flicker? Your lights may flicker if you lose connection in a circuit, which could be in the socket, wiring, or panel. This issue could also mean you have an overloaded circuit.

Why is my breaker tripping? Age and being worn out can lead to your breakers tripping. In some cases, this could indicate you have a problem with an appliance or wiring.

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If you need a repair or install or have any other electrical needs, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Our residential electrical services will take all of the stress out of powering your home. Let our experts work with you on any project and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the process from start to finish! We provide commercial and residential service to Frederick and the greater Baltimore area. Contact us today!

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