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A Landlord’s Electrical Responsibilities

Owning rental properties is a great way to supplement income and build your investment portfolio. However, you do have certain obligations to your renters that cannot be ignored. Otherwise, you may end up in legal trouble. The electrical system in your rental properties is one area that needs to be properly addressed.

A Property Owner’s Responsibility

Landlords are required to keep all electrical installations and equipment up-to-date at all times. In the case of an electric fire, your property insurance may not cover your rental property if you do not have annual inspections on record. This is why it is important to contract with a trustworthy electrician in Baltimore County, MD who can provide records if need be.

Are Regular Inspections Required?

Annual inspections are recommended for insurance reasons, but are not required unless you are renting to a new tenant. Landlords are legally obligated to inspect their electrical systems before they enter into a rental agreement with a new tenant. An inspection can also address any wiring damage that may have been caused by a previous tenant. In some cities and states, houses that have multiple occupants are required to have electrical inspections every five years. Check with your local electrician in Baltimore County, MD to find out if there are rules involving HMOs in your area.

College Rental Agreements

College student rental agreements can complicate matters because there are often multiple tenants in one single dwelling. Thus, while the electrical system may be able to handle one tenant, it may be overwhelmed by multiple roommates. In this case, landlords need to have electricity use clearly outlined in the lease. Also, ensure that the system is regularly inspected and able to handle multiple occupants.

Have Your Electrical System Inspected Today

If you are a landlord who needs the electrical systems in your rental properties serviced or inspected, then contact a professional as soon as possible. Call Tim Kyle Co. Electrical Service for an electrical inspection of your rental property.

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