Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

installed for peace of mind

There is no debate about it: smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are a necessity for every home. To ensure that they’ve been properly installed, you should have a professional take care of the initial addition and ask their advice when it comes to any maintenance. Where the detectors are added within the home is crucial, which is just one reason that a pro should place them from the beginning.
Another reason to consult a contractor is that there are two different kinds of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. The former is better at detecting “flaming” fires – think grease fires on the stove – where the later will more easily detect “smoldering” fires, such as one caused by an electric blanket malfunctioning. You should have one in each room, and a professional will be able to tell you which is more useful in that space.

So, why does it matter where a smoke detector is located within the room itself? This is because, depending on where the device is, it will take more or less time to detect the smoke. Smoke rises, which is why the detectors are often on the ceiling.
Carbon monoxide detectors are required in many homes to prevent accidental deaths. While fires are big, bright, and more obvious, the danger of carbon monoxide can often go unnoticed. Even if they aren’t mandated, you absolutely should have one installed outside all bedrooms, in the basement, and on every other level. Even a small amount of CO can be life-threatening over time, which is why it’s crucial to have the detectors installed and maintained when needed.

At Tim Kyle, we offer 10-year sealed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. As an optional feature, we can add a bridge to allow remote alerts if you are away and a detector is going off. Please view the related video to see it in action.

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