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Annual Savings on Your Energy Bills

No matter the time of year, it’s always important to be thinking about how you can cut back on electricity costs. Saving money is not only easy, but also it’s beneficial to the environment and yourself. However, the ways to save money can be different depending on the season. Learn more from a residential electrical service in Baltimore County on ways to save.

Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills

During winter, keep the temperature in your home between 65 and 68°F when you’re not home. You can also close the vents to rooms you don’t use frequently to keep the heat where it’s needed most.

To save on your energy bills in spring, cook outside to avoid excessive heat in your home. You can also use your ceiling fan, so you don’t have to lower your thermostat as much. In addition, open your windows to allow the air to cool off your home rather than always relying on the air conditioner.

In summer, keep your thermostat at around 78°F. You can also have your air conditioner checked to ensure it is functioning adequately. Plus, keep the shades down when it’s exceptionally sunny to keep your home cool.

In fall, open your curtains and blinds in the morning to allow the sunlight to warm up the rooms. Then close them when the sun goes down to prevent a chill from entering your home. You can also reverse your ceiling fan to push warm air back down.

Finally, always replace your HVAC filter monthly, regardless of the season.

Looking for Residential Electrical Service in Baltimore County?

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