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Reducing Home Electricity Costs

When winter comes you might need to find creative ways of reducing your electricity costs. Whether you want to cut back for budgetary reasons or to help the environment, you will need all the help you can get. Here are some ways to reduce your home electricity costs this winter season.

Ways to Reduce Electricity Costs

Dress Warmly

This is the easiest and least expensive way of saving on heat costs this winter. If you bundle up in warm clothes and layers then you will not need to turn up the heat in the house. Make sure that you wear your socks and sweaters and keep a blanket close by. For the floor, a wool rug will help to both insulate the room and keep your feet warmer than they would be on a bare floor.

Use the Sun to Heat Up Your House

For those moments that the sun shines, use it to warm up your house by opening the curtains and letting the rays in. Once the sun sets, close the curtains to retain the warmth from the day inside the house.

Limit the Heater to the Rooms In Use

If you must heat the rooms at night, only heat those that are occupied. Forget about the unused guest room or storage areas. If you can, close up the vents in unused rooms so that you can control the warm air in the house. Warm air will then be pushed only to the rooms that are in use (where the vents are still open).

Replace Furnace Filters

Change any furnace filters every 2-3 months for best performance. It’s also recommended that you periodically schedule a cleaning for dust regardless of whether you think it’s necessary. This cleaning should be completed at least once every┬áthree to five years.

Regulate the Thermostat

It will surprise you how much energy you can save when you turn the thermostat about 10 or 15 degrees down for a couple of hours. You can try this at night for about 8 hours or when you are not in the home and see how this affects the energy bill.

For other energy saving tips, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We are your go-to electrician in Hanover, PA.

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