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Electrical Savings: Easier Than You Think

Electrical savings may seem easier said than done; however, it’s not as difficult as you think! Use these tips to lower your energy expenses and keep most of your hard-earned money in your wallet this summer.

Taking Advantage of Electrical Savings

Use Power Strips

You may think using power strips in your home uses more electricity, but it actually saves electricity by allowing you to draw electricity from multiple devices simultaneously. Many power strips are equipped with power surge protection that prevents your electronics from being damaged from an interruption or change in voltage. Utilizing one of these devices can help to regulate your power usage by turning off after a certain period of time if its connected electronics are in standby mode.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Using energy efficient bulbs can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill. Traditional and energy-efficient bulbs typically emit the same amount of light, but energy-efficient bulbs can last up to ten times longer than conventional bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs use 25-80% less energy than traditional bulbs, and can therefore save you a fair amount on your electrical bill.

Use Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches control the voltage of your light fixtures and allow you to control the brightness of the connected lights. Using these switches save 98% of energy, which provides you with at least 10% electrical savings. Using dimmer switches can increase the longevity of the lightbulbs you’re using by at least three years.

Invest in Energy Star Appliances

On average, households spend $5,000 or more on electric bills each year. Using Energy Star appliances can decrease this amount to $2,500 or less. Plus, Energy Star appliances are eco-friendly, so you’ll be saving the environment when yu save yourself some money.

Air Dry Clothes

Have you considered air drying your clothes? Air drying may seem extreme for saving money on your electric bill, but it can be a tremendous help. The sun dries your clothes quicker than any drying appliance, and your clothes will last longer by drying them in this way. If you don’t have an outdoor space, then consider a drying rack for inside your home to dry a few items that are more delicate.

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