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Is it Time to Upgrade to a 220 Volt Power Service?

Most stoves, microwave ovens, water heaters and dryers run on 220 volt power. However, smaller electrical items like computers and televisions only use 110 volts. While modern homes are designed to use 220 volt power, some older houses remain on the lower voltage standard. It’s important to verify which voltage standard your house uses and upgrade if necessary.

110 Volt Versus 220 Volt Power

Electricity is supplied to homes via a pair of live wires to a main panel. The 220 volt outlets within the home connect back to the main panel using two live wires, a neutral and a ground. In contrast, the 110 volt outlets use a single live wire, as well as a neutral and ground. A 220 volt circuit requires two circuit breakers, while the lower 110 volt circuit needs only one.

Owners of older houses may only see fairly identical white, vertical two slot 110 volt outlets around the property. They are normally installed in pairs and can have a semi-circular slot for a ground pin. The 220 volt outlets used by larger appliances are bigger and usually black or brown in color. These outlets are singular, allowing for one appliance, and can have either three or four slots. If you only see 110 volt outlets, it may be time for an upgrade.

Plugging a 220 volt appliance in to a 110 volt outlet can damage the appliance or burn it out. Therefore, if you want to run such appliances in a home only fitted with 110 volt power outlets, you will need to upgrade your electrical system. If you are looking to sell a home with only 110 volt capacity, you may also need to upgrade. Most homeowners consider large household appliances essential and will not be interested in a prospective new house which cannot provide this service.

Professional Residential Electrical Service in North Laurel

Any electrical work should always be left to fully trained professionals. If you are looking for a residential electrical service in North Laurel, please contactĀ Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling ServicesĀ today.

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