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Electrical Appliances: Age Matters

You can prolong the life of appliances, but at some point, they will have to be replaced. Read on to learn how to maximize the life span of your electrical appliances.

Caring for Electrical Appliances


Refrigerators are made to last 15 years or so. Regularly cleaning your refrigerator will allow it to conserve energy and keep it at a cool temperature. You can also vacuum the refrigerator coils to decrease the chance of it overheating or restricting airflow.


Cleaning the dishwasher gasket with soap will allow it to function properly without dirt or grime. Be careful when you are loading the dishwasher as well as you can damage the racks that are rather expensive to replace.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are made to last 12 years. Keep the loads that you put in the washing machine medium-sized. A large amount of clothes can strain the washing machine parts and restrict the movement of the clothes which is necessary. Small loads can cause the machine to become off-balanced and it will use the same amount of energy as it would for a medium-sized load.


The same rule applies for a dryer when it comes to using medium-sized loads rather than small or large. It’s also important to regularly clean the external vent cap from dust and lint as it can lead to a fire. It also reduces airflow and causes premature failure.

When to Consider A Replacement

It’s less expensive to replace most appliances if you have to repair them frequently. You’ll wind up spending thousands of dollars on continuous repairs when you can spend a few hundred on a one-time replacement. For example, replace a refrigerator if it is leaking or if food is spoiling extremely fast. Or, if its temperature needs to be adjusted often, you may want a newer model.

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