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The Importance of Commercial Fire Alarms

Fires in commercial buildings cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages every year, making this one of the most important safety issues for business owners and office or facility managers to address. This is why business owners and facility managers need to understand fire alarm systems. Applicable federal, state and local regulations can help to determine the best contractor and system for your business’s particular needs. Tim Kyle has experienced electricians in Hanover PA. We can install commercial fire alarms to improve the safety of your employees and property. Read on to learn more.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarm systems are available in two main types: the conventional system and the addressable fire alarm. Both perform the same function and have separate benefits and disadvantages.

Conventional systems link each initiating device to the control panel and can be set up in zones. When an initiating device is triggered, the system can identify the zone of the device and help identify the location of the fire. By separating different office areas or floors into zones, it is easier to identify the fire source. Small businesses may only need to install a conventional fire alarm system to reflect one zone. In contrast, larger businesses can install as many zones as needed for safety.

Addressable fire alarm systems are digital and each device has its own address on the system. Facility managers can identify the exact location of the triggered device and then send fire personnel directly to the location of the fire. All devices are connected on one wire that is looped to the control panel. If one end is damaged the system can still send communications to the control panel through the other end of the loop. Also, these alarms can detect the flow of air through smoke detectors to reduce the risk of false alarms. Addressable systems can be easily customized and are generally used for larger buildings.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

Safety is our priority. No matter your space, we’ll get your fire alarms installed and functioning properly, making sure to leave instructions as to how to maintain and monitor them over time. Contact Tim Kyle today to learn more about commercial fire alarm systems.

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