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Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

Each year there are approximately 7,400 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments alone. When it comes to the safety of employees and the public, a commercial fire alarm system is your best bet when it comes to making it out alive. Learn more.

Parts of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

In a commercial fire alarm system, there are several components that make up the whole. There is a control panel that monitors system integrity and allows for input from users. It also sends information about the status of various areas. There are manual and automatic initiating devices to engage alarms and sprinklers. The automatic initiating devices detect smoke and engage automatically. On the other hand, manual fire alarms need to be engaged when a fire is spotted.

Both a primary and secondary power supply are needed. If the main power goes down for any reason, even for routine maintenance, a second one serves as a back up. Safety features also include a working ventilation system, bright exit lighting, and emergency stairs for exiting the building safely.

Types of Systems

There are two types of commercial fire alarm systems to choose from: conventional and addressable. Conventional fire alarm systems set up zones. The system is able to identify which zone the fire is in. The addressable fire alarm system can identify the exact location of the fire down to the room. However, a conventional fire alarm system just tells people which floor, and then the whole floor has to be searched.

The potential of a fire is not something to take lightly as it can lead to loss of life and property. When it comes to keeping your building and employees safe, contact a Finksburg electrician to help you with your commercial fire alarm system needs. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to get started and rest easy knowing you are protected.

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