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What Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

Basic electrical knowledge can save you money from unnecessary home repairs, keep you and your family safe, and give you peace of mind. Start learning today with this guide on what appliances need a dedicated circuit.

What is a Dedicated Circuit?

A home has multiple circuits to spread around electrical consumption. Also, every home has circuit breakers which cut the current if there is an electrical power overload. But does your home have dedicated circuits? A dedicated circuit supports a single appliance and has its own breaker and electrical box. Dedicated circuits provide extra protection from power surges and electrical fires.

What Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

Dedicated circuits are meant for high-power appliances, allowing them to take in the electricity they need without sharing. Some examples of machines that usually require a dedicated circuit include refrigerators and freezers, ovens, dishwashers, washer and dryers, and furnaces. Some garbage disposals, water pumps, hot tubs, and air conditioners may also require dedicated circuits.

If you’re unsure if your appliances require a dedicated panel, you can hire a professional electrician to inspect your home. An electrician will test your outlets and devices to ensure they have the right type of circuit they require. Many homes need a panel upgrade to accommodate modern appliances that require an excessive amount of energy.

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