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What To Do When Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Modern houses have pretty good electrical wiring and, if you don’t overload your circuits by plugging too many things into too few outlets, you’re probably never going to have to deal with tripping a circuit breaker. And that’s why, when a circuit breaker does trip, many ordinary everyday people don’t actually know what to do. If you live in Owings Mills and have some kind of electrical problem then you need to contact an Owings Mills electrician. And if those problems have caused a circuit breaker to trip, you should follow this advice:

First Off, Turn Things Off

Once a circuit breaker trips, the first thing you need to do turn off all the lights and appliances in the affected area. Yes, they don’t have any power, but you need to take the load off of the circuit before you try to turn it back on.

Find the Breaker Box

Next, turn on a flashlight or some other light source and find the breaker box. Once there, look for the circuit breaker that is in the “off” position. Flip it back into the “on” position. Then go back to the affected area and start trying to turn things back on.

Watch Out for Water – More Tips From An Owings Mills Electrician

Water and electricity don’t mix. If you see that the area around the breaker box is damp or wet, stay away from it, because it’s an electrocution hazard. Call a professional electrician immediately.

Watch Out for Exposed Wires

If there are exposed wires in your breaker box, something is wrong. Don’t touch them, just call an electrician for help.

Don’t Take the Breaker Panel Apart

If flipping the circuit breaker back into the “on” position doesn’t help, do not under any circumstances try to take the breaker panel apart to see what’s wrong. This is a dangerous thing to do and, even if you don’t get hurt, you’re probably going to damage your house.

Contact an Owings Mills Electrician for Help

If you need help dealing with an electrical problem in your Owings Mills home, you should contact an experienced, professional Owings Mills electrician for help. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today.

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