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Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

As hybrid cars become more accessible to the general public, more people are purchasing electric vehicles. This is a great decision for those who are environmentally conscious. However, it can get tricky when it comes time to charging your vehicle. Learn more about electric vehicle charging at your home.

Charging Your Vehicle at Home

The United States has not yet built up a strong network of charging ports for electric vehicle charging. Therefore, if you want to charge your vehicle, chances are you will have to do it at home. Provided you have a garage to park in, the idea of electric vehicle charging may sound a bit intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. There are two levels of charging that you can take advantage of with the right help from a residential electrical service in Finksburg.

From a technical standpoint, your vehicle can convert AC house current into actual DC electricity that the vehicle needs. In fact, almost every electrical vehicle has a 110-volt charging unit with a three-pronged plug that can plug into any conventional electric outlet.

The one thing you will need is electrical service in your garage. Luckily, running an outlet to the garage is usually fairly simple for an electrical professional. Level 1 charging is the cheapest and easiest, but it’s also the slowest way to charge your vehicle. In some cases, it can take anywhere from eight to 24 hours for your car to get a full charge. Thus, unless you are an infrequent driver this isn’t going to work for you.

A Level 2 electric vehicle charging station may be a better idea. To achieve this, you need a dedicated 240-volt circuit installed in your garage. This is similar to what the dryer in your basement runs on. With this type of port, you can charge your battery in about four hours. You can choose a wall-mounted charging system or a plug-in portable system that simply plugs into your 240-volt service line.

Hire a Professional

If you want to get full use out of your electric vehicle, consider investing in a Level 2 electric vehicle charging outlet. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services, we have trained professionals who are ready to assist. Give us a call today to find out just how easy it is to power up your electric vehicle without leaving home.

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