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Ceiling Fan Adjustments Keep You Cool Under Pressure

Everyone knows the benefits of a ceiling fan, particularly in the summer months when it’s toasty inside and A/C is expensive. However, many homes’ fans are older, meaning that they may not function as they should, or at least not to their optimal state. Is there anything you can do about this to give them a little tune-up?

Stop Ceiling Fan Clicking and More

Particularly for those who like to have their ceiling fan running on high, you may begin to notice noise as time goes on. For example, if it becomes less sturdy in its place – screwed into the ceiling – then the chain may be jostled enough to make a clicking sound. In this case, get a secure foothold and take a look up there: a simple screwdriver or wrench may be enough to tighten things up and stop the noise.

Another possible cause is that neglecting to clean the blades might result in a buildup of dust which makes things unbalanced (and therefore noisy). Again, if you can safely get up to the fan’s height, then carefully clean off the tops of the blades and around the entire fan. If it’s too high to reach, see if you can get it with a long duster-type product. Otherwise, this may can for a professional so that you don’t get hurt.

Finally, if the fan has an attached light,  then that may be the source of your woes. If it’s buzzing, then you may need to replace the bulb or have the fixture and/or socket itself inspected. Make sure that all its pieces are secure, but don’t do anything too heavy-handed that could crack the glass of bulbs or fixture pieces.

Make sure that you know how to keep cool as the summer continues on. Contact us today to have a qualified electrician stop by and assess your needs and the state of the breaker panel. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.

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