Electric Heat Tape for Water Pipes


It may be February now, but we're still in the wintertime for at least another month and a half. More likely, it'll continue to be cold for another two months. If you haven't experienced frozen pipes already, then you should know how to prevent them from freezing up. If you've already had this happen, then [...]

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Electric Blanket Safety During the Cold Months


Do you own and use an electric blanket during the winter? A lot of people do, especially those in locations with very low temperatures. These blankets can be nice and cozy on a cold night, but they also come with their share of risks. Read up on some general electric blanket safety if you own [...]

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Electrical Safety Tips for Your Holiday Lights


Though you almost definitely have your holiday lights in place already, if you decorate for the season, it's never too late to take into account some holiday decoration electrical safety tips so that you and your family are safe until that decor is put away again. Keep in Mind These Electrical Safety Tips Where did [...]

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Reduce Winter Electric Bills with Simple Steps


Failing to prepare your house for the cold season can be likened to leaving your front door open all winter. The main problem is that utility bills will always be on the rise. You can prepare for the season and lower your winter electric bills by these simple steps. […]

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Furnace Replacement to Save Energy


The cold winter continues, and with it comes the rising heating bills as you struggle to stay warm and to heat your home. Like other electricity-run appliances, though, there are ways that you can keep costs down without sacrificing comfort: this one in particular involves considering the purchase of a new furnace. […]

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Electric Bill Numbers May Surprise You in January


How can snowfall make your electric bill rise dramatically? You might assume that it’s all about running the heat more often, but that’s not all. Learn how you can save some energy around the house so you don’t drive up prices in a high-cost time of year for utilities. […]

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