Clean Energy Sources Approach Ubiquity


Though we’ve gotten bits and pieces of good, or at least encouraging, news on the power front in the past decade, recently there have been some developments in clean energy sources that are very definitively¬†good news. For example, it’s been speculated that within the next ten years, our country’s reliance on fossil fuels “will come [...]

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Wind Power: A Game of Following the Leader


Another foreign country has exploded to positive, new heights in terms of green energy sources.¬† Germany has made wind power the number one energy source (though it’s also tied in that position with lignite-burning power plants). […]

Wind Power: A Game of Following the Leader2016-12-23T16:47:56+00:00

Wind Turbines Deliver Results in Texas


Why are some Texas residents receiving free electricity?¬† It has everything to do with their wind turbines and energy demand which varies depending on the hour and is being manipulated to bring free power to these people in exchange for specifically-timed usage. […]

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