Smart Switches: Why Should You Invest?


Want to control your home lighting with just a touch on a mobile device? Then invest in smart switches! A smart switch works like a standard light switch, but it give you new ways to control electricity use in your home. Learn more and turn yourself on to a new, smart way to light your [...]

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Clean Electronics Safely with These Tips


Did you know some electronics are dirtier than the toilet seat? Gadgets accumulate dust, grease, bacteria, and more. According to a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene, which involved testing random phones, 92% of them were carrying disease-causing bacteria. With that in mind, let us look at the best ways to clean electronics. [...]

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Recycle Electronics: How to Get Started


It's no secret that our electrical devices have become an extension of ourselves. Today people can not live without cell phones, TVs, laptops, or tablets. Each of these items eventually becomes electronic waste if they are not traded in or properly recycled, and that's a problem. Learn how to properly recycle electronics with the following [...]

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Wearable Tech Heats Things Up


It’s the hot ticket item these days: wearable tech. In many cases, it’s only a novelty, but researchers at North Carolina State University are changing this concept for the better, making it into something that makes its wearers more productive simply by going about their business. […]

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Solar Innovation Takes a Trip


Solar power is obviously big in the news, but some people still haven’t heard about the massively impressive solar-powered flight around the world that was made in July of this year. “Solar Impulse,” said to be “more about energy than innovation,” proved yet again just how invaluable our sun and solar innovation is as a [...]

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Blue Power Generates Buzz


You’ve likely heard of “green power,” which is often equivocated to the use of clean energy to provide electricity, but this “color” isn’t the one only rocking the scientific world. “Blue power” has arrived on the scene, at least in terms of it rising in publicity, and it is a huge contender in what is [...]

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Solar Cells Transform Carbon Dioxide


There has been another big breakthrough in solar energy and how we gather and use it. Solar cells and panels have been in the spotlight a number of times recently for developments in their construction and abilities, but this one is particularly noteworthy. […]

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Electric Buses Keep Rolling On


Cars aren’t the only vehicle being developed for clean energy use. Electric buses are also appearing on the scene as a viable public transportation option with a “zero emissions” goal. They are receiving more attention than ever as the sustainability movement spreads farther and more completely across the globe with big appearances, particularly, around California. [...]

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Energy Technology Still Often Ignored


Something that many consumers don’t consider is that no matter how modern and efficient energy technology becomes, none of it will mean anything if the people (customers) themselves don’t adjust their habits.  If utility companies identify ways for their users to save money and energy but those users don’t implement the practices, nothing will change. [...]

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Landscape Lighting That Won’t Bug You


Though it may not feel like it, with so many recently-chilly and cloudy days, summer is approaching.  As May moves into June, many people will be dreading the return of warm-weather bugs, particularly mosquitoes.  These summer pests are all-too common, but new developments in landscape lighting can help to keep them at bay and to [...]

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