Is it Safe to Shower During a Thunderstorm?


Did you know it's not safe to shower during a thunderstorm? While the safest shelter during a thunderstorm is to be inside, showering is actually a risky activity. Potential Risk of Taking a Shower During a Thunderstorm It may seem improbable, but Dr. Mary Ann Cooper of the University of Illinois Chicago's Lightning Injury Research [...]

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Avoid Electrical Shocks from Your Toaster


While a toaster may seem like the most harmless of kitchen appliances, it does come with certain risks. Improper handling of small kitchen appliances, such as toasters, can be dangerous and may lead to electrical shocks or even fire. By following some simple safety tips, you can easily avoid toaster-related accidents in your home. Safety [...]

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Smoke Alarm Installation Prevents Potential Tragedy


Fire can destroy much more than just a building. It can cause injury or even death, as well as destroy the memories collected over a lifetime. The single best defense against injury in the event of a home fire is proper smoke alarm installation, yet many homes remain unprotected. The Truth About House Fires According [...]

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Christmas Lighting Safety: Checking it Twice


Hanging Christmas lights in, out, and around the home is one of the most popular traditions all over the world. However, it can quickly turn dangerous if you are not careful. Ironically, thousands of people get injured trying to put up Christmas décor and lighting every year. Avoid injury this season with these Christmas lighting [...]

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Portable Heaters Safety Tips


Portable heaters are economical, especially when the cost of main heating is high or a system is inefficient at heating the entire house. Portable heaters are efficient in keeping you warm, however, they must be used cautiously. Tim Kyle Electric, an electrician serving Fredrick County, MD, provides the following safety tips for use of portable [...]

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Clean Electronics Safely with These Tips


Did you know some electronics are dirtier than the toilet seat? Gadgets accumulate dust, grease, bacteria, and more. According to a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene, which involved testing random phones, 92% of them were carrying disease-causing bacteria. With that in mind, let us look at the best ways to clean electronics. [...]

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Childproof Your Outlets to Keep Kids Safe


Everyone is excited about a toddler beginning to crawl. Tiny hands begin to reach, explore, and learn. Toddlers discover toys and utensils and explore every corner they can find. Unfortunately, this exploratory phase may also include a new interest in electrical outlets located at their crawling height. A parent must take proper precautions to childproof your [...]

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Lightning Rod for Home Protection


A lightning rod is a simple metal rod with a pointed end that is attached to a building's roof. It carries electrical current away from a structure by providing a path to the ground. When lightning strikes a building, it seeks to find a path with little or no resistance. Without a lightning rod, electricity [...]

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Electrical Safety: Preventative Measures Prevent Fires


Whether you're living alone, with a roommate, or with your family, electrical safety should always be in the back of your mind. We use so many electronics on a day-to-day basis that there is always some level of risk associated with the possible ignition of an electrical fire. Keep Electrical Safety in Mind All the [...]

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Electrical Outlets Must Be Grounded for Safety


Safety is the most important thing when it comes to any aspect of electrical work. Electricity is inherently dangerous, producing shocks and fires, among other issues. Something you many never think about is whether or not your electrical outlets are grounded or ungrounded, though this factors heavily into your ability to safely use them. Get [...]

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