A Multimeter Helps You “See” Behind the Walls


A multimeter is an essential part of any electrician's toolbox. It is tool that measures electric current, voltage, and resistance. Allowing electricians to "see" behind walls, a multimeter is incredibly important for any electrical work taking place in your home. Play it Safe and Always Use a Multimeter Whether you are installing a ceiling fan [...]

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Avoid Electrical Hazards at Home


Modern day society relies heavily on electricity, which is why its important to safeguard against electrical hazards in the home. Learn more about what potential hazards may be lurking in your house and how to safeguard against electrocution or electrical fires. Electrical Hazards in Your Home Protect yourself from potential harm with the following tips: [...]

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Safeguard Against Home Electrical Hazards


Most home electrical hazards are preventable with regular maintenance. Faulty, outdated, and improperly-installed electrical components not only interfere with the quality of electrical functions, but also are responsible for the majority of electrocutions and house fires. Updating your home's electrical wiring system, replacing faulty components, and ensuring safe use of electrical appliances are imperative in [...]

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Downed Power Line? Read This First


Downed power lines can present a serious danger. Although many people think a downed power line no longer has power running through it, or it is only dangerous if it sparks, this is dangerously far from the truth. Consider all downed electrical lines as potentially deadly, and read on to learn more about the steps [...]

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Rewiring Older Homes for Modern Safety


The U.S. Fire Department responds to over 25,000 electrical house fires each year—most of which occur in older homes with outdated wiring. If your home is over 40 years old and the wiring has not been recently inspected, then consider contacting your local electrician. Rewiring older homes reduces the risk of fire and electrocution. Risks [...]

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Surge Protection for All Rooms of the Home


Homes run on a standard voltage of 120 volts. If the voltage rises much beyond that, even for an instant, then any device you have plugged in can be damaged beyond repair. Lightning strikes and power spikes from a power line entering the home can cause major power surges without any warning. Prepare your home [...]

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Security Lighting Illuminates It All


When you want to add brightness to the exterior of your home, security lighting is great choice. It's very affordable and can even add visual appeal. Most important, security lighting can ward off potential intruders and help keep your family safe. The right lighting can add both function and curb appeal. Security Lighting for Safety [...]

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Crucial


Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. It can be released from your oven, dryer, a fireplace, or even from a water heater without you even realizing it until you're already in trouble. That's why it's important to protect yourself from hidden dangers by investing in carbon monoxide [...]

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Electrical Dangers You May Not be Aware of


Homeowners are typically aware of the common electrical dangers present in one's home. However, uncommon electrical dangers, like dust and overheating of wires, are not as obvious and can pose a great risk. Read on to find out more about potential electrical safety risks and how to safeguard against them. Common Electrical Dangers Common electrical [...]

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Essential


Having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be lifesaving. According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of every five home fire deaths were in residences without smoke detectors.  If that wasn't bad enough, almost 500 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year! Read on to learn why these detectors are essential in [...]

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