Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Electricians, Oh My!


There are three main types of electricians: commercial, industrial, and residential. Do you know the difference? Depending on the job, an electrician will need to know different wiring techniques, what specific equipment to use, and what the required load demands are. Commercial, industrial and residential electricians use different procedures and materials, so how can you [...]

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Licensed Electricians Are the Only Way to Go


When it comes to electrical work, you may be tempted to save money with DIY projects or by hiring a cheap, unlicensed electrician. Ironically, you will most likely spend more money trying to fix your own electrical mistakes or hiring a second, licensed professional to fix the work of the first. Avoid the consequences of [...]

Licensed Electricians Are the Only Way to Go2019-05-28T14:10:11+00:00

Electrical Issues in Older Homes


Older homes are a treasure because of their unique character and history. However, they usually require electrical updates and modernization for them to be livable by today's standards. If you are considering buying a house more than 50 years old, take note of some the common electrical issues in older homes. Knob and Tube Wiring [...]

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Outlet Testing by Your Local Electrician


You may be tempted to perform your own outlet testing if household circuits are not functioning properly. There are DIY ways in which you can test an outlet: however, it is much wiser to call an electrician if you notice certain signs that may indicate a dangerous situation. Signs You Should Look For Certainly, a [...]

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Residential Electrical Service in Thurmont Made Easy


We understand that when you need some electrical work done, it's typically a time-sensitive scenario. You don't want to wait for some company from the other side of the state to fit you into their schedules and to then make the slow trip out to you, often more than once per project. That's why we [...]

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Residential Electrician in Baltimore County Handles Repairs and More


With so many options for residential and commercial electricians in every area, it's nearly impossible to decide which is the most trustworthy, which can deliver on the promises that they make. If you are one of many people looking for a residential electrician in Baltimore County, then Tim Kyle Electric might be the right choice [...]

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Residential Electrical Service in Elkridge


Sorting through available electricians on the web, or even among your friends' and family's recommendations, can be exhausting. There are so many companies out there, all of which make the same claims. Unfortunately, not everyone is as professional as they say, and so you may not know who to call to get residential electrical service [...]

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