Proper Power Strip Usage


Power strips are very common in most households and businesses, but many people do not know how they should and shouldn't be used. A power strip is used for safety measures above all else, helping to prevent fire outbreaks and electrocution which may be caused by electrical overloading. A power strip also protects against electrical [...]

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Advanced Power Strip: A Modern Advantage


Today's homes contain a significant amount of electronic devices that comprise almost 10% of the home's electricity bills. One way to reduce the amount of energy required to power all of your devices is to use something called an advanced power strip. Advanced power strips look like ordinary power strips, except that they have built-in features for [...]

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Power Strip Use Should Follow Guidelines


Power strips, mostly known as extension blocks or multiple sockets, are a block of several electrical sockets attached to a flexible cable which is connected to an electrical receptacle. The power strip allows for multiple power distribution over a number of appliances. Proper Power Strip Usage Knowledge of the proper use of power strips is [...]

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