What Is a GFCI Outlet?


A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protects you from electrocution as a result of faulty electrical equipment. Hundreds of Americans die from electrocution each year. That is why new standards call for a GFCI outlet in kitchens, bathrooms, or any area exposed standing water or rain. How Does a GFCI Work? A GFCI outlet protects [...]

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Electrical Outlets May House Insects


Did you know that bugs can get in and out of the tiniest of cracks in your home? This includes your home's electrical outlets! Once inside, if they discover a source of food and water, they will multiply anywhere. So how did the insects get there, why did they go there, and what can you [...]

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Exterior Electrical Outlets: Take the Fun Outside


During the warmer months, most people like to take their entertaining outside after a long winter stuck indoors. Accent lighting, waterfalls, outdoor speakers or entertainment centers can certainly add to the ambiance. If you don't already have exterior electrical outlets, then you should consider new outlet installation. Learn more and bring the power of lighting [...]

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What Causes Hot Electrical Outlets?


There are several factors that can cause hot electrical outlets, but that doesn't mean you should take the situation lightly. Some devices (like phones, printers, and chargers) change the voltage input via an internal transformer which can cause an outlet to feel warm. The key here, however is that it should feel slightly warm, never [...]

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The Dangers of Ungrounded Outlets


A common problem in older homes is ungrounded outlets with only two-prongs. All electrical outlets have two wires: the hot wire and the neutral wire. Outlets that are grounded have a third wire which directs any power surge back to the earth, thus absorbing any excess energy and reducing damage to your appliances. Homeowners should [...]

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Electrical Outlets: Do You Have Enough?


When older homes were built, no one thought too much about how many electrical outlets were available for use. Fast-forward to today and you will find that, while our electrical usage has grown exponentially, our homes often remain rooted in standards of the past. Many homes simply aren't equipped to handle the needs of our [...]

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Outlets: Don’t Overload!


Most outlet overloads happen simply because the home has not been wired to handle the kind of electrical demands of today. If you live in a new home or a home that has had new wiring installed, then you know what amperage your home can withstand. However, how can you avoid overloading the outlets when [...]

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Replace Old Outlets to Keep Your Home Safe


One of the things any qualified residential electrical service in Emmitsburg will tell you about preventing house fires is to make sure that your wiring is up-to-date, which has a huge impact on safety. This especially applies to replacing outdated or nonfunctional electrical outlets. In fact, when you replace your old outlets, your fire risk [...]

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Recessed Outlets: A New Option


Recessed outlets are a new trend. This type of outlet has a face plate set deeper into the wall than a regular outlet. The recess prevents plugs and connectors from protruding beyond the surface of the wall. Not only do recessed electrical outlets make a sleek aesthetic statement, but they also offer safety advantages. Recessed [...]

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Electrical Outlets: Various Types and Their Purpose


Electricity provides us with convenience and stability, among other things. We often don't stop to consider the mundane components surrounding us that help make electricity a part of our everyday lives. Electrical outlets are a prime example of items which we may overlook and take for granted. Even more importantly, a better understanding of them [...]

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