Electrical Outlets: Various Types and Their Purpose


Electricity provides us with convenience and stability, among other things. We often don't stop to consider the mundane components surrounding us that help make electricity a part of our everyday lives. Electrical outlets are a prime example of items which we may overlook and take for granted. Even more importantly, a better understanding of them [...]

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Outdoor Outlets: Are Yours Protected?


Of all the electrical outlets in use around the home, outdoor outlets are among the most vulnerable. Because of their constant exposure to changing weather conditions, outdoor outlets can be a safety hazard. Consequently, failure to properly protect these outlets will result in damage to your home or to your person. Outdoor Outlets Safety for [...]

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Childproof Your Outlets to Keep Kids Safe


Everyone is excited about a toddler beginning to crawl. Tiny hands begin to reach, explore, and learn. Toddlers discover toys and utensils and explore every corner they can find. Unfortunately, this exploratory phase may also include a new interest in electrical outlets located at their crawling height. A parent must take proper precautions to childproof your [...]

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Outdoor Outlet Safety: What You Need to Know


Damaged outdoor outlets are among the biggest causes of electrocutions and home fires in the United States. As a homeowner, you need to ensure your family and home are safe by following proper outdoor outlet safety measures. Outdoor Outlet Safety Tips Tip #1: Inspect Your Outdoor Outlets It is not always advisable to wait until [...]

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Upgrade Outlets for Home Safety


A two-prong outlet is not grounded: therefore, it does not have adequate wiring to protect you from possible surges of electricity. Without this extra protection, you are at risk for electrical shock, electric fires, and damaged appliances. If you have older two-prong outlets in your home, then you should upgrade outlets for home safety. Upgrade [...]

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Outlet Testing by Your Local Electrician


You may be tempted to perform your own outlet testing if household circuits are not functioning properly. There are DIY ways in which you can test an outlet: however, it is much wiser to call an electrician if you notice certain signs that may indicate a dangerous situation. Signs You Should Look For Certainly, a [...]

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Three-Prong Outlets: Should I Upgrade?


As technology progresses, items that were suitable in the past can now become obsolete, and even potentially-dangerous if they're really outdated. If you have an older home with two-prong outlets, then your safest option is to have those outlets rewired to grounded three-prong outlets. Two-Prong Outlets Versus Three-Prong Outlets A three-prong outlet has a ground wire while [...]

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Outlet Upgrades May Be Necessary


Home safety is essential to every homeowner. Outdated electrical outlets and degraded loose wires within a home pose as a safety hazards: as a result, outlet upgrades may be necessary. Upgrading from two-prong outlets to three-prong outlets limits the possibility of an electrical fault occurring (electrical faults escalate to fire emergencies if upgrades are not [...]

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Electrical Outlets Must Be Grounded for Safety


Safety is the most important thing when it comes to any aspect of electrical work. Electricity is inherently dangerous, producing shocks and fires, among other issues. Something you many never think about is whether or not your electrical outlets are grounded or ungrounded, though this factors heavily into your ability to safely use them. Get [...]

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Residential Electrical Service in Towson Warns of Buggy Outlets


Many households are grappling with the nuisance that small insects bring to one's home. These insects are often quite small and can hide in the tiniest of places, like inside electrical outlets, making it hard for homeowners to get rid of them. What many people do not know is that the presence of foreign particles [...]

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