Outdoor Lighting Design for Spring and Summer


It's spring – finally – and as the weather heats up, so do the opportunities for outdoor entertaining. Break out the grill, dust off the patio chairs, and get ready for some sizzling summer fun, all against a backdrop of softly lit ambiance with new outdoor lighting design fixtures. For everything from twinkle lights to [...]

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Security Lighting Illuminates Possible Dangers


Illuminating a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and more is often a serious undertaking for homeowners. Style plays a role to highlight and underscore a particular decorative aesthetic inside a home in addition to providing the light necessary to carry on household business and prevent injuries to occupants. Of course, you don’t have to start with [...]

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Outdoor Lighting Has Many Functions


Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, which means that the evenings will be getting darker earlier than ever. This is usually a disappoint for most people as the last traces of summer fade away, but that doesn’t mean you should stay in the dark. Consider adding some new or updated outdoor lighting to keep yourself [...]

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Outdoor Lighting Concepts and Design


To create that impressive or subtle design you love for your garden, and outdoor lighting plays a crucial role. With outdoor lighting, you can quickly turn an otherwise dull outdoor space to a heavenly place. Also, with outdoor lighting, you can make your space part of the indoor living space. […]

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Residential Electrical Service Provider


Whatever commercial or residential electrical service you need to have done on your property, the team at Tim Kyle is more than ready to tackle it. Our experienced, licensed professionals have the skills and the knowledge to take care of any potential or current issues that you can offer us. Read on to discover a [...]

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Blue Power Generates Buzz


You’ve likely heard of “green power,” which is often equivocated to the use of clean energy to provide electricity, but this “color” isn’t the one only rocking the scientific world. “Blue power” has arrived on the scene, at least in terms of it rising in publicity, and it is a huge contender in what is [...]

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Street Lighting Safety: LED Dangers


When installing street lights, it’s done with safety in mind. Safety of those who may be walking nearby to avoid accidents or crime and safety, of course, of drivers on the road who need as much visibility as possible even after the sun goes down. Lately, though, there has been a debate revolving around street [...]

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Landscape Lighting Summer Updates


Summer has more than arrived, but you may be dragging your feet on some summer decorating. Have you considered updating or adding landscape lighting to brighten up your yard? Make some additions (or even subtractions) to your yard this July to impress any and all guests who will immediately admire and appreciate your style and [...]

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Landscape Lighting That Won’t Bug You


Though it may not feel like it, with so many recently-chilly and cloudy days, summer is approaching.  As May moves into June, many people will be dreading the return of warm-weather bugs, particularly mosquitoes.  These summer pests are all-too common, but new developments in landscape lighting can help to keep them at bay and to [...]

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Unsafe Lighting Causes Concern in Atlantic City


Atlantic City is known for a lot of things, but dark streets aren’t usually one of them.  Unfortunately, for the locals, this situation has become a big problem that goes beyond simple inconvenience and into an issue of seriously unsafe lighting.  The current streetlights, powered by high-pressure sodium bulbs, are simply not enough to brighten [...]

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