Exterior Electrical Outlets: Take the Fun Outside


During the warmer months, most people like to take their entertaining outside after a long winter stuck indoors. Accent lighting, waterfalls, outdoor speakers or entertainment centers can certainly add to the ambiance. If you don't already have exterior electrical outlets, then you should consider new outlet installation. Learn more and bring the power of lighting [...]

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Embrace Spring with Updated Outdoor Lighting


With warm weather fast approaching, many homeowners are planning outdoor projects. Spring is a great time to add or update exterior lighting features to enhance the enjoyment of your front or back yard. Outdoor lighting doesn't just elevate your setting's curb appeal: it also promotes increased safety and security. With some help from your electrician, [...]

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Outdoor Outlets: Are Yours Protected?


Of all the electrical outlets in use around the home, outdoor outlets are among the most vulnerable. Because of their constant exposure to changing weather conditions, outdoor outlets can be a safety hazard. Consequently, failure to properly protect these outlets will result in damage to your home or to your person. Outdoor Outlets Safety for [...]

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Outdoor Outlet Safety: What You Need to Know


Damaged outdoor outlets are among the biggest causes of electrocutions and home fires in the United States. As a homeowner, you need to ensure your family and home are safe by following proper outdoor outlet safety measures. Outdoor Outlet Safety Tips Tip #1: Inspect Your Outdoor Outlets It is not always advisable to wait until [...]

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Impact in Your Yard


Installing low voltage outdoor lighting is definitely a good idea for your landscape, whether you want to do it on your own or have a professional assist in the process. It will certainly change the way that your backyard looks. If done professionally, it adds artful, dramatic emphasis to your entire backyard. Since is it [...]

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Landscape Lighting Brightens the Yard


When you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your home, it shouldn't only be enjoyed during the daytime. With landscape lighting installed on your property, your family and guests can continue to enjoy the exterior of your home after dark. Landscape lighting is an effective method of beautifying your property while adding an element of safety [...]

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Outdoor Lighting Design for Spring and Summer


It's spring – finally – and as the weather heats up, so do the opportunities for outdoor entertaining. Break out the grill, dust off the patio chairs, and get ready for some sizzling summer fun, all against a backdrop of softly lit ambiance with new outdoor lighting design fixtures. For everything from twinkle lights to [...]

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Security Lighting Illuminates Possible Dangers


Illuminating a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and more is often a serious undertaking for homeowners. Style plays a role to highlight and underscore a particular decorative aesthetic inside a home in addition to providing the light necessary to carry on household business and prevent injuries to occupants. Of course, you don’t have to start with [...]

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Outdoor Lighting Has Many Functions


Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, which means that the evenings will be getting darker earlier than ever. This is usually a disappoint for most people as the last traces of summer fade away, but that doesn’t mean you should stay in the dark. Consider adding some new or updated outdoor lighting to keep yourself [...]

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Outdoor Lighting Concepts and Design


To create that impressive or subtle design you love for your garden, and outdoor lighting plays a crucial role. With outdoor lighting, you can quickly turn an otherwise dull outdoor space to a heavenly place. Also, with outdoor lighting, you can make your space part of the indoor living space. […]

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