Power Outage Consequences


If a storm knocks out your electrical power, do you know what the consequences might be? With today's intense storms, a power outage can last at least several days. Learn more about what prolonged outages may entail and how to prepare for them. Consequences of a Power Outage There are several consequences that may occur [...]

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Power Outages Call for Preparation


When it comes to power outages, every household should have a plan in place to keep things running as smoothly as possible. This can be a stressful time, particularly if you don’t have a home generator, so learn what steps to take when the lights go out in order to avoid the worst of the [...]

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Standby Generator: There When You Need It


If you haven’t already invested in a standby generator for your home, it’s never to late to start thinking about them. ¬†They offer the security of knowing that your home will have power no matter what happens, bringing the lights and other devices back online after an outage to keep your family going. […]

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