Office Electrical Savings Are Possible


The principal objective of most businesses is to maximize profits. Companies can do this by increasing sales and minimizing their costs of operation. One of the ways that businesses can use to reduce cost is to check their electrical energy consumption in offices. Below are some tips you can count on to minimize the electricity [...]

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Efficient Office Lighting Can Save You Money


Many people have heard about the environmental benefits of efficient office lighting. However, efficient office lighting systems are also wise investments, so read on to learn more about how changing your office lighting can cut back on bills. Ways to Incorporate More Efficient Office Lighting It's important for businesses to think about just how much [...]

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Office Lighting Affects Your Productivity


When working in an office setting, you might find yourself routinely feeling drained, dazed, drowsy, or just unable to focus. These and other “symptoms” can actually be attributed to the kind of lights that you have in the area. If you change up your office lighting, you may be surprised to find how much better [...]

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Saving Electricity at Work Is Easier Than You’d Think


We’ve talked before about saving electricity at home, but what about in the office? You’re at your place of work just as much, if not more, than at home, and your business can waste a lot of power just like your household can. Learn more about how to change some of your habits in order [...]

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Office Lighting Makes a Big Difference


If you work in an office, then you may already be aware that office lighting has an effect on your mood, health, productivity, and more. Working can be draining enough without the help of sub-par lighting, so make sure that your office has the best bulbs and fixtures possible to help keep you and the [...]

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Wasting Energy at Work Can Be Avoided


If you’re a business owner, you may have found recently that your energy bills have risen steadily over the years even if the habits of your workplace haven’t changed. ¬†There are likely a number of causes, but some can be remedied if you can identify where you may be wasting energy and then work to [...]

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Simple Steps to Save Energy in the Office


In order to create a more energy efficient business space, small steps can be taken every day to save energy in the office. ¬†Adjustments to lighting, heating, cooling, equipment use, and employee activity can all be changed to have an impact on the conversation effort and to drop numbers. […]

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