Motion-Activated Lights: Troubleshooting


Motion-activated lights can serve as a great addition to the overall safeness and utility of your home. They can deter potential invaders from breaking in and effortlessly light your way to avoid trips and falls. Unfortunately, there are issues that can arise with the lights every now and then. If your lights fail to activate, [...]

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Smart Switches: Why Should You Invest?


Want to control your home lighting with just a touch on a mobile device? Then invest in smart switches! A smart switch works like a standard light switch, but it give you new ways to control electricity use in your home. Learn more and turn yourself on to a new, smart way to light your [...]

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Benefits of Motion Lighting


Motion lighting, like other exterior lights, can enhance the appearance of your exterior and highlight special features of your landscape. It's especially valuable when it comes to home security. So, what exactly is motion lighting, and why should you have it installed outside your home? What Is Motion Lighting? Motion lights are triggered by movement. [...]

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Residential Electrician in York County Know Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights


Motion sensor lights are a kind of lights that go on and off depending on body movements in a given room. They determine whether there is movement or not by the use of body heat and wavelengths. Thus, the lights will go on or off without you having to hit any switch. Below is a [...]

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