Storm-Proof Your Home


Summer storms are becoming more frequent and can bring mild to severe destruction to your residence. Lightning strikes can cause fires and power surges. High winds can bring down power lines, cause roof damage, and batter siding. Heavy rains inevitably cause flooding. Here's how you can storm-proof your home and keep your family safe. Be [...]

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Lightning Rod for Home Protection


A lightning rod is a simple metal rod with a pointed end that is attached to a building's roof. It carries electrical current away from a structure by providing a path to the ground. When lightning strikes a building, it seeks to find a path with little or no resistance. Without a lightning rod, electricity [...]

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Lightning Rod Installation Can Spare You a Lot


You may have never considered before that you could - or should - install a lightning rod at your home. However, it may be that this addition can help to protect your house from damage during storms in a way that you didn't realize. The Surprising Benefits of a Lightning Rod Not every home needs [...]

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