Track Lighting: Fashionably “In” or “Out”


There are certain lighting options in home design that are super functional, but traditionally just don’t look great. Track lighting has been one of those options. However track lighting is back "en vogue," and it is now more versatile and visually appealing than ever. What Is Track Lighting? Track lighting is a tracking method that [...]

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A Dimmer Switch for Your Home Lighting Needs


Achieving the right lighting balance for your home is essential. Bright lighting is needed when performing certain tasks, as too-dim lights can put a strain on the eyes. Sometimes, though, you may want to relax with a softer lighting that is not so intense. What is the best way to control the lighting in your [...]

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Creative Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom


Balance of light is essential in the bathroom. When you get ready in the morning, you want natural light. At the of the day, you want lighting to help you relax and create a spa-like experience. Bathroom lighting needs to be extremely functional, but also beautiful. Read on to learn how creative lighting ideas can [...]

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Lighting Safety for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating


Decorating your house with lights for Christmas adds beauty and fun, but it also potentially brings danger. It is crucial to know how to use decorative lighting in a safe way. Certain lighting safety rules should be followed in order to enjoy the Christmas season without inviting tragedy. Lighting Safety When purchasing holiday decoration lights, [...]

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Edison Bulbs for an Antique Look


Thomas Edison designed the Edison bulb in the early 20th century. These bulbs are oblong, made of glass, and contain filaments for a warm, yellow glow: they also offer an antique or vintage look to your lighting fixtures. If you're interested in incorporating this trendy bulb into your home lighting, then read on below to [...]

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Lights Flickering? This May Be the Reason


While the cause may be benign, lights flickering may be also be a sign of bigger electrical issues. Play it on the safe a side. Get to the source of the issue as quickly as possible to prevent any potential damage or injury. Why are My Lights Flickering? By running some basic checks, you may [...]

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Sustainable Lighting and Power: Why You Should Invest


Whether you are upgrading to a smart hub or want to save on energy costs, sustainable lighting is must in today's homes. Lighting accounts for around 15% of your utility bill. The Baltimore Sustainability Plan defines sustainability as the ability to meet the community's social, economic and environmental needs, without preventing future generations from meeting the same [...]

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Lighting Ideas to Decorate the House


Lighting can bring a certain magic to homes. Good lighting can highlight your home's best features and adds extra comfort. This fall, consider some of the following creative indoor and outdoor lighting ideas to create a comfortable and safe haven. If you incorporate a few or more of the items below, then you will find [...]

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Impact in Your Yard


Installing low voltage outdoor lighting is definitely a good idea for your landscape, whether you want to do it on your own or have a professional assist in the process. It will certainly change the way that your backyard looks. If done professionally, it adds artful, dramatic emphasis to your entire backyard. Since is it [...]

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Efficient Office Lighting Can Save You Money


Many people have heard about the environmental benefits of efficient office lighting. However, efficient office lighting systems are also wise investments, so read on to learn more about how changing your office lighting can cut back on bills. Ways to Incorporate More Efficient Office Lighting It's important for businesses to think about just how much [...]

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