Modern Lighting Options for Everyone to Consider


Want your home to look fresh and modern?  If you've just been focusing on updating your paint colors or furniture, then why not take an additional measure and refresh the lighting in your home? With the help of your local electrician, modern lighting options can quickly transform the look of your rooms. Are Your Current [...]

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Custom Lighting Can Brighten Your Home


Standard light fixtures can be purely functional, neutral, and dare we say "boring." Sometimes you want something more from your home's lighting options. Consider customizing your lighting which can brighten your home and add character  to your living spaces. With so many different styles available, custom lighting lets you capture the perfect look for each [...]

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Light Bulbs and Their Many Varieties


Light bulbs come in different varieties and sizes, although finding the right one for your fixtures or appliances may not be as easy as it sounds. Pick the right one by familiarizing yourself with some of the various types of bulbs available today. A Variety of Light Bulbs Incandescent bulbs. Incandescence emits light by heating [...]

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Enjoy the Season with New Pool Lighting


Thinking of adding a pool to your backyard this summer? As you plan for installation, don't forget the lighting. The right lighting scheme adds to the overall design aesthetics and safety of your new pool. Read on to learn more about the benefits of pool lighting. The Benefits of Pool Lighting Pool lighting has two [...]

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Security Lighting Illuminates It All


When you want to add brightness to the exterior of your home, security lighting is great choice. It's very affordable and can even add visual appeal. Most important, security lighting can ward off potential intruders and help keep your family safe. The right lighting can add both function and curb appeal. Security Lighting for Safety [...]

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Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen


The kitchen is a focal point of any home. From design aesthetics to functionality, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting. Having the proper mix of recessed lighting, island-highlighting pendants, and under cabinet lighting will ensure the space meets all of your kitchen's functionality requirements. Types of Kitchen Lighting There are generally three types [...]

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Efficient Lighting in the Office


Commercial buildings consume a substantial amount of energy. According to Southern California Edison, a typical office building uses about 30 percent of its energy on lighting. Want to save money? By making just a few lighting updates, your office could decrease its electricity consumption and you can see improved, efficient lighting in the office. Is [...]

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Track Lighting: Fashionably “In” or “Out”


There are certain lighting options in home design that are super functional, but traditionally just don’t look great. Track lighting has been one of those options. However track lighting is back "en vogue," and it is now more versatile and visually appealing than ever. What Is Track Lighting? Track lighting is a tracking method that [...]

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A Dimmer Switch for Your Home Lighting Needs


Achieving the right lighting balance for your home is essential. Bright lighting is needed when performing certain tasks, as too-dim lights can put a strain on the eyes. Sometimes, though, you may want to relax with a softer lighting that is not so intense. What is the best way to control the lighting in your [...]

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Creative Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom


Balance of light is essential in the bathroom. When you get ready in the morning, you want natural light. At the of the day, you want lighting to help you relax and create a spa-like experience. Bathroom lighting needs to be extremely functional, but also beautiful. Read on to learn how creative lighting ideas can [...]

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