Broken Doorbell? Find Out Why


Ding dong! Or complete silence, when your doorbell stops working. It can be an inconvenience to have a doorbell that doesn't work. A broken doorbell could make you miss an important delivery or visiting friend. So, what causes this to happen? Signs and Causes of a Broken Doorbell If the ringer or chime doesn't work, [...]

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Home Electrical Inspection Keeps Your Lights On


Imagine your lights going out on a weeknight, in the middle of your Friday night party, or on a weekend. It may take hours or days for electrical assistance to get your lights working again. Above all, faulty wiring can spark fires and cause unwanted emergencies. Tim Kyle Electrical Services, providing residential electrical service in Thurmont [...]

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Modernize Your Space


With so many activities going on in the kitchen, good lighting is a must. Most people, however, don't take the time to do much designing in their kitchen areas. Kitchen lighting can completely transform the look of your kitchen. In this post, we will talk about the different kitchen lighting designs that can give your [...]

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Electrical Improvements That Come in Under Budget


When people are considering a home improvement project, they don't often have electrical improvements at the top of their list. It's easy to forget about the benefits that lighting has on your health and home, or about the dangers of leaving electronic maintenance until a later date, but investing in some of these really will [...]

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Holiday Lighting Hazards May Not Be Obvious


The holiday seasons should be a time of joy and family enrichment – not a time for urgent visits to the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, for some families, the hazards of setting up holiday decorations, particularly holiday lighting, can lead to injuries and accidents that put a damper on the festive season. There are a [...]

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Defective Electronics Carry Great Risk


If you have a device that is showing signs of problems, then you may think that the potential damage will be limited to the one, malfunctioning item. However, defective electronics have the potential to then damage other devices and possibly cause serious hazards, so keep this in mind before you wait too long to fix [...]

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Kitchen Fires: A Dangerous Occurrence


One of the more common types of fire in the American home is the kitchen fire. This is because there is a concentration of several fire hazards: electricity, fire source, and grease. A grease fire is particularly dangerous and common in a kitchen. Electrical fires are also common due to the many electrical appliances used [...]

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Smoke Detectors: How Do They Work?


If you’ve ever been cooking and there’s seemingly no smoke but the smoke detectors are blaring, you may have wondered why that happens. These devices can save lives and are absolutely necessary to be installed everywhere, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands how they function. Maybe we should! […]

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Childproofing Outlets for Maximum Safety


No matter how much you try to avoid it, electrical products are a major part of your daily lives. You find them everywhere in all rooms of your home. These include extensions, phone chargers, computer cables and power outlets just to mention a few. Unfortunately, the ways these electrical products are designed poses a threat [...]

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