Christmas Lighting Safety: Checking it Twice


Hanging Christmas lights in, out, and around the home is one of the most popular traditions all over the world. However, it can quickly turn dangerous if you are not careful. Ironically, thousands of people get injured trying to put up Christmas décor and lighting every year. Avoid injury this season with these Christmas lighting [...]

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Lighting Safety for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating


Decorating your house with lights for Christmas adds beauty and fun, but it also potentially brings danger. It is crucial to know how to use decorative lighting in a safe way. Certain lighting safety rules should be followed in order to enjoy the Christmas season without inviting tragedy. Lighting Safety When purchasing holiday decoration lights, [...]

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Holiday Light Displays Don’t Have to Waste Energy


Holiday light displays are a fun and exciting way to decorate your home. For many homeowners, putting Christmas lights on trees, around mantels, and even in yards is an essential seasonal activity. This can be a costly undertaking that takes a toll on your electric bill considering that we currently consume much more energy over [...]

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Electrical Safety Tips for Your Holiday Lights


Though you almost definitely have your holiday lights in place already, if you decorate for the season, it's never too late to take into account some holiday decoration electrical safety tips so that you and your family are safe until that decor is put away again. Keep in Mind These Electrical Safety Tips Where did [...]

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Holiday Electrical Use and Facts


There is a lot of power in use this time of year, which is fairly obvious. Holiday lights (inside, outside, on the walls, on the tree) and increased kitchen usage are just two big reasons why holiday electrical use is much higher than other times of year. There’s a lot going on in these few [...]

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Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays


The holidays are quickly approaching, which means that the annual holiday lights-related fire risks are also going to be relevant again. Make sure that you have a fire safety plan for your family and home in case the tree lights or other electronics malfunction. […]

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Holiday Lighting Hazards May Not Be Obvious


The holiday seasons should be a time of joy and family enrichment – not a time for urgent visits to the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, for some families, the hazards of setting up holiday decorations, particularly holiday lighting, can lead to injuries and accidents that put a damper on the festive season. There are a [...]

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