Electricity Use in Your Home


Everyone wants to save money, but finding ways to do so can be difficult. One way to reduce your monthly budget is by reducing your energy costs. Chances are, if you took a closer look at electricity use in your home, then you would be shocked. According to the Visual Capitalist, out of the electricity [...]

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Efficient Lighting in the Office


Commercial buildings consume a substantial amount of energy. According to Southern California Edison, a typical office building uses about 30 percent of its energy on lighting. Want to save money? By making just a few lighting updates, your office could decrease its electricity consumption and you can see improved, efficient lighting in the office. Is [...]

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Upgrade Your Appliances and Save!


No one likes the idea of paying to replace a major appliance. In fact, many people flat-out ignore any issues with appliances because they can't afford a major new purchase. But did you know that if you upgrade your appliances, then it can actually help you save money in the long run? How Old is [...]

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Save on Energy Bills this Spring


Looking for ways to save on your energy bills? Changing your daily energy habits may take some time to get used to, but often small changes are all it takes to reduce your energy consumption. And who wouldn't like more money in his or her wallet at the end of each month? Read on to [...]

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How Much Power Does “Standby Mode” Use?


Phone chargers and "smart" devices such as washing machines and electronic equipment ready for remote control commands are a few of the many devices which consume a steady flow of electricity around the clock. This "standby mode" power drain can add up, though not everyone is aware of this! Why Your Electric Meter Never Sleeps [...]

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Save Electricity in the New Year


If you have been spending a lot of your money paying energy bills, then it may be time to adopt a few energy saving tips in the new year. You may be wasting electricity without realizing it! Tim Kyle Electric, providing residential electrical service in Thurmont, MD, suggests taking the following measures to save electricity in [...]

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Sustainable Lighting and Power: Why You Should Invest


Whether you are upgrading to a smart hub or want to save on energy costs, sustainable lighting is must in today's homes. Lighting accounts for around 15% of your utility bill. The Baltimore Sustainability Plan defines sustainability as the ability to meet the community's social, economic and environmental needs, without preventing future generations from meeting the same [...]

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Smart Home Devices Save You Money


Let's face it: sometimes it feels like everything around us is getting smarter. Technology surrounds us, and smart home devices help us to gain control of our lives. What Are Smart Home Devices? Smart devices can be anything from entertainment systems to appliances to controllers and more. Beginning with our smartphones, nearly everything we own [...]

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Energy Consumption Doesn’t Have to Cost Big


For many, each summer, comfort comes before cost and the air conditioner becomes a necessity. It seems to be getting hotter each year, and large parts of the country become nearly unbearable during these few months. However, by changing a few habits, you can compensate for the increased use of air conditioning and lower your [...]

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Energy Bill Doesn’t Have to Be Staggering


It's the big question on most homeowners' minds: how can I cut back my energy bill in order to save money? Nobody wants to be hot, cold, or in the dark, and yet everyone wants to see those costly numbers go down. Is there a way to accomplish this all throughout the year? Commit to [...]

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