An Electrical Transformer Fails. What’s Next?


An electrical transformer is a critical component in bringing electricity safely into our homes. When they fail or are damaged during a severe storm, an explosion occurs and power is cut. Electrical transformers can be very dangerous if they are not maintained or repaired properly, which is why it is important to know what to [...]

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Electricity Use in Your Home


Everyone wants to save money, but finding ways to do so can be difficult. One way to reduce your monthly budget is by reducing your energy costs. Chances are, if you took a closer look at electricity use in your home, then you would be shocked. According to the Visual Capitalist, out of the electricity [...]

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Save Electricity in the New Year


If you have been spending a lot of your money paying energy bills, then it may be time to adopt a few energy saving tips in the new year. You may be wasting electricity without realizing it! Tim Kyle Electric, providing residential electrical service in Thurmont, MD, suggests taking the following measures to save electricity in [...]

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Electric Blanket Safety During the Cold Months


Do you own and use an electric blanket during the winter? A lot of people do, especially those in locations with very low temperatures. These blankets can be nice and cozy on a cold night, but they also come with their share of risks. Read up on some general electric blanket safety if you own [...]

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Surge Protectors Do More Than You Think


Most people’s concepts of surge protectors are basic, and though this is enough to get by, it might not be enough to convince everyone of their great value. Really, these simple devices are crucial to protecting not only your electronics, but also the people who live or work near them. […]

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Electric Rates Rise as Summer Approaches


Before long, it’ll start getting warm enough inside to warrant you turning on the air conditioner. When it starts to transform into summer in an uncomfortable way (temperature-wise), you should know why electric rates actually rise this time of year and what you can do about it. […]

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Electrical Safety All Year Round


As this month of electrical safety continues, awareness about the dangers of misusing electrical devices and appliances grows. Companies across the country are working “to help reduce electrically related fatalities, injuries, and property loss.” Part of this effort is informing people about some of the more commonly-found situations in which electricity might be a danger [...]

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Electricity in the Modern Era


Now that our country has a new president and is moving, in some ways, in different directions, it’ll be interesting to see how certain facets develop. For example, with a tighter focus “on investment, efficiency, and markets as their policy foundation, the U.S. [could] have a world-class electricity system that will advance our economy into the 21st [...]

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