Electrical Hum Driving You Crazy?


Do you have an electrical hum in your home that's driving you crazy? Is it from your electric system or something else? Find out more about what could be releasing a low-frequency humming noise in your home. Causes of Electrical Hums The quickest way to check is to shut off your circuit breakers. If you [...]

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Electrical Dangers You May Not be Aware of


Homeowners are typically aware of the common electrical dangers present in one's home. However, uncommon electrical dangers, like dust and overheating of wires, are not as obvious and can pose a great risk. Read on to find out more about potential electrical safety risks and how to safeguard against them. Common Electrical Dangers Common electrical [...]

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DIY Electrical Work: Worth the Risk?


Thinking about taking on some DIY electrical projects? With all of the available information and tips on the internet today, DIY projects are very tempting to try and save a little money. However, when it comes to electrical work, contacting your local electrician to get the job done is always the best choice. Electricians are [...]

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Electric Fireplace Versus Gas Fireplace


On a cold day, the best place to be is snuggled up in front of a home's fireplace. If your house does not have a chimney for a wood-burning fireplace, then a gas or electric fireplace is a great alternative. Both options offer charming ambiance. However, homeowners should research gas versus electric fireplaces before purchasing [...]

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Electrical Issues to Consider When Selling a Home


It's never a good idea to try to sell your home without carrying out the appropriate electrical repairs. Any property that requires repairs will have a lower market value than if no repairs were necessary. Most importantly, selling a home with any electrical issues can put the new homeowners at risk— especially if the faults [...]

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Electrical Problems at Home


Hardly anyone can survive in the modern world without electrical appliances, devices, lighting, and heating and cooling systems. Electricity grants stability and convenience to people's daily lives. Consequently, when there are electrical problems at home, it can feel like the end of the world. Common Electrical Problems Every flip of an electrical switch means that [...]

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Electrical Improvements That Come in Under Budget


When people are considering a home improvement project, they don't often have electrical improvements at the top of their list. It's easy to forget about the benefits that lighting has on your health and home, or about the dangers of leaving electronic maintenance until a later date, but investing in some of these really will [...]

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Residential Electrical Services in Baltimore County


There are so many businesses out there and so many online reviews that it can be difficult to sort through them all in order to find the best company to suit your needs. If your needs include finding a contractor to carry out residential electrical services in Baltimore County, though, then you're in luck... Options [...]

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Tim Kyle Electric’s Referral Program


Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for an electrician? Have you used our services before and want to spread the word about Tim Kyle Electric? Send your friends and family to Tim Kyle Electric and we will reward you for the referral. For each new person you refer, who [...]

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Electrical Hum: What Is It and Should I Worry?


Called the "mains" hum by electricians and savvy homeowners, the electrical hum emerges from appliances because electricity needs to travel through alternating current, which transfers voltage in the pattern of a sine wave. The Science Behind Electrical Hum Depending on power line frequency, the sound can be 50 Hz or 60 Hz. It is low [...]

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